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what are color correction glasses

Driving tests also have a check for color blindness, color blind people can not engage in design work. Color blindness brings troubles to some people’s life and work. There are many kinds of color blindness, among which red and green color blindness is the most common. At present, red and green color blindness glasses have been developed.

How Color Blind People See the World

The principle of red-green colorblind glasses is that according to the complementary color antagonism, special coating is carried out on the lens to produce the effect of cutoff wavelength, which can transmit to long wavelength and reflect to long wavelength.

According to middle school physics knowledge, we know that visible light consists of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple. Red light has the longest wavelength, followed by orange, yellow and green, and purple light has the shortest wavelength.

Wearing color blind glasses can make the original color blind map can not identify clearly, can correctly identify, to correct the effect of color vision disorders.

Its characteristics can improve the color vision of patients with red and green color blindness, improve the resolution of colors, so that patients with color blindness can see a colorful world, in addition, red and green color blindness glasses can also prevent ultraviolet radiation and computer radiation.

In addition to correcting color blindness, red and green color blind glasses also have the function of anti-ultraviolet and electromagnetic wave, suitable for use in different occasions, wearing clear and comfortable.

The successful development of red and green color blind glasses has brought good news to more than 200 million color blind and color weak patients around the world, enabling them to obtain equal rights to live, study and work with normal people, and filling the gap in the field of vision medicine in the world.